Hi, I’m Alison!

In 1986 I graduated in Dental Hygiene from John Abbott College in Montreal, Quebec and have since continued to practice as a Registered Dental Hygienist. In 2002, I moved from Montréal to the peaceful countryside of St. Eugene, Ontario and in 2009, opened an Independent Dental Hygiene Practice.

My work in health care and my passion for alternative methods of natural healing nurtured my interest to become a Reiki Practitioner in 2005, following which I ventured into the ancient practice of Ayurveda. I have undergone formal training at the Ayurveda Holistic Centre in Montreal and have been trained in Kerala, India and in Toronto, Ontario.

I am naturally drawn to the use of effective natural remedies in Dental Hygiene care and like to offer Clients an option to use natural products during their preventative dental hygiene appointments. Organically home grown and ecologically wild crafted herbs, such as mint and spearmint, antiseptic and antimicrobial essential oils, is an example of what I implement into homemade mouth rinses for use before and after dental cleanings.

The Dental Hygiene Wellness Centre

The Dental Hygiene Wellness Centre uses equipment, products, sundries and programs that have minimal impact on the earth’s environment such as:

  • Low or no VOC containing paints and varnishes during renovation
  • An oil less, well filtered compressor
  • A dry vacuum pump instead of a wet pump
  • Chlorine-free, high post-consumer recycled paper products
  • Reusable and bio-degradable sundries
  • Handmade 100% cotton headrest covers
  • Hospital grade bio-degradable and natural surface disinfectants
  • Eco-friendly sterilization to eliminate the need for disposable autoclave bags
  • LCD instead of CRT computer screens

We would like to invite you and your family to come experience and learn about daily oral regimens, diet, lifestyle, natural herbal ingredients and practical tips that will help prevent gum disease, periodontal disease, bad breath, dry mouth and cavities.

The Dental Hygiene Wellness Centre is located 20 minutes West of Hudson, Québec, in the country side of St.Eugene, Ontario and offers a “feel good” environment you will appreciate and enjoy.