An Independent Dental Hygiene Practice

In the province of Ontario, people wishing to have their teeth cleaned by a Dental Hygienist without the barrier of seeing a Dentist first, has been optional since September 2007.

Dental hygiene is a regulated profession governed by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario.

Many people will not see a Dentist due to fear, cost and unperceived need. Dental Hygienists are the primary providers of preventive oral health care and now with increased access to affordable dental hygiene services, more people and their families can be screened for oral health problems that may have a direct impact on their over-all health.

I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1986 and I am  now entering my fifth year of owning and operating an eco-friendly, independent dental hygiene practice. With my background as an Ayurvedic and Reiki practitioner, I deliver a more individualised, holistic care approach with emphasis on lifestyle, proper diet and nutrition to help support your oral-systemic health.

I enjoy the freedom to creatively use organically home grown/wild crafted antiseptic herbs and essential oils that I implement into homemade tooth pastes, gum powders and mouth rinses for teeth cleaning appointments.

Some of the personal benefits of working in an independent dental hygiene practice is having control over my own time management, minimizing my concern with seeing as many clients possible in one day and most importantly, being able to deliver an unprecedented process of care. I’m able to work from my heart and reserve the energy required to help motivate people to care for their teeth. With this, people gradually embrace the concept of the oral-systemic link and as a result, increasingly recognise the value of their oral health.

The Dental Hygiene Wellness Centre d’hygiène dentaire Inc., is just 20 minutes west of Hudson, Québec and is situated in the country side of St.Eugene, Ontario. It is a tranquil, home based, eco-friendly practice that works with equipment, products and sundries that have minimal impact on the earth’s environment.