Consider your Oral PH

An important factor to consider, when evaluating the state of your oral health, is the PH of your saliva. A healthy PH level should read between 6.5–7. PH levels lower than 6.0, is an indication that the body’s environment is more acidic than it should. More often than not, I will see PH levels, lower than 6.0, in a person with unhealthy oral conditions. These oral conditions range from having a lot of plaque and tartar accumulation to having cavities, loose teeth and receding gums.

Part of the body’s natural process, when trying to “regain” the balance it requires, involves the demineralization of bone and enamel. The jaw and the mouth is the first place that this breakdown will occur. Periodontal disease, as well as cavities, may be a result of this demineralization process.

As part of a regular dental hygiene examination, PH levels may be recorded. If your Dental Hygiene provider does not offer this service at the dental cleaning appointment, you may purchase PH testing strips at your local health food store, pharmacy or on line. There are food guides and charts available to help you achieve and maintain healthy acid/alkaline (ph) balance. In the meantime, to maintain your PH level; here are a few tips to get you started:

Try to minimise or eliminate refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, hard cheese and egg yolks. Increase your intake of cultured dairy products like plain yogurt or cottage cheese and increase your dark green vegetable consumption. Freshly squeezed lemon in your drinking water is an excellent way to raise your PH!