Mukhwas for oral malodour

Mukhwas for oral malodour…..try saying that ten times. No, it’s not something you wear on your feet. Mukh, meaning mouth and Vas, meaning smell, mukhwas are an East Indian, after dinner snack. Eating 1 teaspoon after a meal helps digestion as well as freshen your mouth. There are numerous mixtures and different ways to prepare mukhwas.

The key ingredients are fennel seeds, cumin seeds, anise seeds, sesame seeds and coconut, all of which can be found in most Indian grocery stores. Combine equal parts of the ingredients, place in a glass jar and store in a cool dry place.   Good health, be it your oral health or overall health, is a direct result of good digestion. Poor digestion, whatever the cause may be, influences the amount of toxins we carry in our body. These toxins are carried in our blood; our blood feeds our cells which feed our organs. It all starts with proper digestion.