Meridians and teeth

Meridians, used in traditional Chinese medicine, are channels or pathways along which the energy or chi of the psychophysical system is considered to flow. Reflexology embraces this concept and applies it to areas of the feet, hands and ears. Iridology examines the iris to determine information about a person’s systemic health….so why not teeth?

Holistic dentistry follows the premise that every tooth site crosses one or more of the 12 major meridians located in the body and that problematic teeth can interfere with the energy flow through these pathways.

Just for the fun of it, go ahead and Google a “tooth meridian chart”. You may, interestingly enough discover that the tooth which has undergone alteration or has indeed been troublesome for months or even years, happens to be related to an area or organ of your body that has ailed you.

A holistic Dentist or Dental Hygienist, who considers the oral systemic connection with reference to a tooth meridian chart, may help you unveil information about your present day health concerns and refer you to a network of like-minded health practitioners to suit your needs.